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Suiting appointment and personalized fitting requests, grooming services, donation policy and requirements, donation drop off times and locations, donation pick-up requests


A social service project designed to support youth impacted by violence to gain the skills and experiences necessary to enter the workforce and sustain employment.




How to Receive a Suit from 100 Suits

Reflect on Your Need and Request a Fitting

At 100 Suits for 100 Men, we recognize the uniqueness of everyone's situation, especially in light of today's economic challenges. While we don't impose strict eligibility requirements—understanding that income doesn't always reflect need—we do operate with limited resources. We kindly ask you to consider your genuine need for a suit before proceeding. Begin by filling out our fitting request form online or visit us to discuss how we can support you.

Request a Fitting

Schedule Your Fitting Appointment

Once you've submitted your fitting request, we'll contact you to schedule a personalized fitting appointment. Choose a time that works for you, whether online, over the phone, or directly with us.

Enjoy a Personalized Fitting Experience

During your appointment, our dedicated team will assist you in selecting the perfect suit and accessories, ensuring you leave feeling confident and prepared for any professional opportunity.

Access Complimentary Grooming Services

To complement your new professional attire, we may offer grooming services. Information on haircuts or wig/salon referrals will be provided at your fitting, and separate appointments can be arranged as needed.

Explore Workforce Development Opportunities

Enhance your job search and career prospects with our workforce development programs. Ask for more information during your visit—we're here to support your growth.


Organization / Partnership Request

Please complete the form below if you are a non-profit organization or school and would like to partner with 100 Suits for a “bulk” suiting request.

Partnership Form


Have Suits You’d Like to Donate?

We thank you in advance for considering our organization and supporting our mission to provide suits to the men and young men in our community.

Please see our following requirements for donating any professional attire.
ALL suiting we accept must be:
  • Full Suit (matching bottom and top / suit jacket)

  • Dry Cleaned within the last 30 days and/or stored in “Plastic” (No receipt necessary)

This ensures that any suits provided to our participants are already cleaned and ready to wear.​

Drop Offs

Our office is located at 227-12A Merrick Blvd Laurelton, NY 11413
Office Hours:
  • Tuesdays-Thursdays: 11 am-5 pm

  • Friday-Saturday 12 pm-6 pm

*Please contact our office before making any drop-offs, as our office hours are subject to change

Pick Up

For donations of 25 suits or more within New York City, please complete the Pick Up Request Form Below.
Pick up Request

Empower Queens

Empower Queens is a social service project designed to support youth impacted by violence to gain the skills and experiences necessary to enter the workforce and sustain employment. Empower Queens brings workforce development skills to youth through technical skills, training, wrap-around support, and community service to seniors.

Empower Queens Youth Program

The Empower Queens Youth Program offers a dynamic opportunity for young adults aged 16 to 24 to engage in a comprehensive one-year incubator focused on workforce development and entrepreneurship. In partnership with Commonpoint Queens' Workforce Development Services, the program provides participants with coaching, case management, and mentorship from seasoned industry experts. Enrollees benefit from competitive externships and entrepreneurial coaching, equipping them with the skills, experience, and connections necessary to thrive in their careers or embark on successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Interested in participating in our youth programming? Apply here:  
Senior Programming

Empower Queens Senior Programming offers a dynamic range of senior programming designed to enhance the well-being, knowledge, and social connections of older adults. Our carefully curated events combine learning opportunities with enjoyable experiences, fostering a sense of community and personal growth.

  • Flowers and Finance Program: Seniors create custom floral arrangements and learn about financial literacy and fraud prevention from local experts.

  • Henry's Soul Sessions: Provides a cozy setting for seniors to enjoy complimentary haircuts, music, and engaging conversations.

  • Classes at Queens College: Offers educational sessions on a variety of subjects, including civics, personal branding, and technology, with transportation to the campus provided.

See our Event Calendar to sign up and learn more.

Community Engagement

The Empower Queens Initiative is also dedicated to fostering community engagement through a diverse array of events and activities designed to connect, educate, and support the community at large, with a special emphasis on the Pomonak Houses. Our initiatives aim to unite individuals, businesses, and educational institutions for mutual growth and development.

  • Job Fair with Queens College that connect job seekers with potential employers, offering opportunities for networking, interviews, and career advancement.

  • 100 Suit Pop-Ups provide a platform for local artisans, entrepreneurs, and organizations to showcase their products, services, and causes to a wider audience.

  • Small Business Networking Brunch providing an opportunity for local small business owners to connect, share resources, and collaborate over brunch, strengthening the community's economic fabric.

  • Participation and Sponsorship of Leaky Roof Day

See our Event Calendar to sign up and learn more.

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